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With a sound knowledge of the insurance industry, our brokers always secure the best rates for their clients.

At its heart, insurance is meant to make your life easier. Peace of mind. All the benefits you and your employees desire. None of the costs or hassle you don’t want. Why should it get any more complicated than that?

At Bellwoods Benefits, we get to know your details and all the little things that make your business unique. That way, we can design and place you with you a custom benefits plan everyone at your company will love.

Dental care, vision, drug benefits, physiotherapy – the full package, just the way you and your staff like it. Seriously, people at work are going to start bringing you chocolate.

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Just feel the difference – negotiated premiums, comprehensive plan audits, we’ll even take your HR team out for coffee and advice about your benefits. When you partner with us, we’re there all the way from consulting to helping you deal with live claims.

The best insurance rates for clients with varying requirements.

Find out everything you want to know about different insurance carriers and access your chosen insurer for everything you need, all in one place.


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